Jeep Liberty/Engines

2.4L PowerTech I4Edit

The 2.4L PowerTech I4 was available from 2002 to 2005. It was discontinued as a result of sluggish sales. It was only available on the Sport model.

3.7L PowerTech V6Edit

2005 Jeep Liberty 3.7L PowerTech V6

The 3.7L PowerTech V6 has been available in the Liberty from 2002 to present. It was optional on Sport from 2002-2004, and then standard on all models from 2005-2007. It was standard on Renegade and Limited Edition models from 2002-2004.

Two different PCMs (Powertrain Control Modules) have been coupled with the PowerTech. The JTEC was the older controller and the NGC is the newer controller. The JTEC PCM had three connectors on it and used a separate TCM (Transmission Control Module), while the NGC has four because it integrates the TCM. 2006-2007 Libertys use a hybrid bus system in which the PCM, gas TCM, and ABM (ABS and ESP) use the CAN Bus and everything else uses the PCI Bus. The BCM (Body Control Module) then acts as a bridge between the PCI Bus and CAN Bus.

2.8L VM Motori I4Edit

The 2.8L VM Motori Turbodiesel was available in the CRD (Common-Rail Diesel) Liberty from 2005 to 2006. The CRD was eventually discontinued in the US as a result of stricter emissions regulations. The engine is still available overseas.

The CRD (Common-Rail Diesel) engine was available on the Sport and Limited Edition models from 2005-2006.


2.4L 3.7L 2.8L
Style I4 V6 I4 Turbo Diesel
Displacement 2.4L (148ci) 3.7L (226ci) 2.8L (171ci)
Horsepower 150 HP @ 5,600 RPM 210 HP @ 5,200 RPM 160 HP @ 3,800 RPM
Torque 165 ft. lbs. of torque @ 4,000 RPM 235 ft. lbs. of torque @ 4,000 RPM 295 ft. lbs. of torque @ 1,800 RPM
Cam Double Overhead Cam (DOHC) Single Overhead Cam (SOHC) Double Overhead Cam (DOHC)
Fuel Injection Sequential Fuel Injection (SFI) Sequential Fuel Injection (SFI) Direct Fuel Injection (DFI)
Bore 3.44 inches - 87.5mm 3.66 inches - 93mm 3.70 inches - 94mm
Stroke 3.98 inches - 101mm 3.57 inches - 90.8mm 3.94 inches - 100mm
Compression Ratio 9.5:1 9.6:1 17.5:1


Jeep Liberty CRDs with the 2.8L diesel engine have an intercooler behind the combination transmission cooler & A/C condenser and before the engine radiator.

Engine SwapEdit

The Chrysler 4.7L PowerTech V8, also known as the Dodge 4.7L Magnum V8, is the most compatible candidate for a larger displacement engine swap.

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