Jeep Liberty/Electrical/Overhead Consoles


The TPMS, or Tire Pressure Monitoring System, utilizes a transducer in each tire to alert the driver of tire pressure deviation, and optionally provide individual PSI readouts. All three EVIC models alert the driver of low and exceptionally varied tire pressures, but only the high-end model provides individual PSI readouts. Regardless of presence or type of overhead console, the low tire pressure dash light will blink to indicate a low spare and remain solid to indicate a low driving tire. The NHTSA has required all vehicles since 2003 to have a TPMS system, therefore all Libertys since 2003 in theory have TPMS sensors. The TPMS sensors do not work correctly when installed in steel rims because the steel blocks the RF signal.


The OTIS is the low resolution overhead console available in the Jeep Liberty. It can be differentiated from the high resolution EVIC by its unlabeled buttons and absent menu button. In comparison to the EVIC, the OTIS has a segmented display lacking in visual quality and no support for TPMS.


The EVIC, or Electronic Vehicle Information Center, is the high resolution overhead console available in the Liberty. It can be differentiated from the low resolution OTIS by its white text laden buttons and separate menu button. There are three different EVICs available in the Liberty. The base version (56010520AD) features a compass, temperature readout, fuel statistics, and since 2005, a low drive tire and low spare tire notification. The mid-line version features everything available in the base model, plus three HomeLink garage opener buttons. The high-end version (56010527AD) features everything available in the base and mid models, plus individual tire PSI readouts.

EVIC installation involves cutting a console sized hole in the headliner, installing a hidden plastic mounting bracket, and running a small wiring harness. A Chrysler thermometer also needs to be installed to prevent a blank readout in the compass/temperature (C/T) selection.

In 2003, a cheaper EVIC that only gave the PSI readouts of the four driving tires was introduced. Since 2003, units can be switched from five readouts to four by programming a bit in the EVIC. In 2004 and earlier, the pressure sensors require training with a special magnet when the system was installed and whenever the tires were rotated. In 2005 and later, this is done automatically. While installing Grand Cherokee EVICs in Libertys is common practice, since 2005 it is no longer possible. The 2005 and later Grand Cherokees use the CAN bus while the Liberty uses the incompatible PCI Bus.

Assume details apply to all consecutive years otherwise noted in a later year.

MY 2002Edit

  • Last year for "Instant MPG"
  • 4-Tire programming possible with "AG" series but not advertised
  • Training the TPMS sensors using the EVIC and supplied magnet is required when the system is installed and whenever the tires are rotated

MY 2003Edit

  • 4-Tire PSI readout version introduced alongside 5-Tire PSI readout version.

MY 2004Edit

  • Different temperature sensor introduced; ambient air temperature readout via the EVIC in an 04-present Liberty is only available if an 04-present EVIC is installed

MY 2005Edit

  • Training the TPMS sensors using the magnet is no longer required when the system is installed nor when a tire rotation is performed

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