Jeep Liberty/Electrical/CB Radio/Upgraded CB Antenna Installation

Upgraded CB Antenna InstallationEdit

This is a write up on my upgraded install of AdamisAdam (LOST) CB antenna install and the Cobra 75W install.

Completed Installation
Required Parts
Drill Antenna Mount
Tap and File Antenna Mount
Cut Antenna Mount Cover
Install Firestik AR-1A and Splitter
Replace Passenger Dash Panel
Mount CB Transceiver
Route Red Power Wire
Route Black Ground Wire
Install Antenna
Remove Mini Panel
Crimp Power and Ground Wires


  1. Disconnect the (-) battery cable from the battery
  2. Remove radio Antenna
  3. Remove plastic cover from mount
  4. Place a rag over the antenna mount
  5. Drill 5/16” hole into the metal mount – remember to use oil
  6. Use 3/8” 24 thread tap and add threads to the mount hole (use oil)
  7. File down raised metal near the mounts plastic ring
  8. Cut out enough plastic from protective cover
  9. Replace the plastic protective cover
  10. Use lock nut and screw the spring into the mount
  11. Screw the cb antenna to the spring mount

Firestik AR-1A and SplitterEdit

  1. Firestik AR-1A to the splitter
  2. Connect female connector to 3’ cable
  3. Connect the Firestik to female-to-female connector
  4. Connect other end of the female connector to the 3’ extension cable

Interior PanelsEdit

  1. Remove the bottom knee knocker panel on passenger side
  2. Remove the passenger side kick panel
  3. Drop down the panel under steering column
  4. Remove fuse cover panel from just inside the driver side door
  5. Remove mini panel above panel that’s on the right side of steering column.

Cobra 75W CB and CablesEdit

  1. Install cable mount to inside of steering column panel
  2. Run red wire over to the left side and through to the power/fuse box is located just inside of the door area (do not connect to power source yet)
  3. Run ground wire to under the center console farthest forward
  4. Crimp connectors to ends of wires
  5. Connect ground wire as shown in picture
  6. Run CB cable to under center of console and bring up through and connect to the cable mount and connect to cable from it
  7. Run the 3’ Extension cable from the antenna through the center console to the cable mount box and connect to it
  8. Disconnect the radio connector from the antenna cable
  9. Connect radio cable to the Firestik AR-1A
  10. Connect splitter to antenna cable
  11. Replace passenger side kick panel
  12. Replace Knee-knocker panel with Firestik on top of insulation (no good place to mount it or wire tie it to anything. (I about using Velcro)
  13. Wire tie excess cable from CB cable mount)
  14. Close steering column panel
  15. Install CB Hand-held unit mount to mini panel
  16. Connect ground connector and then connect red wire to power source

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