Jeep Liberty/Electrical/CB Radio/Original CB Antenna Installation

Original CB Antenna InstallationEdit

Fig 1 - Loosen Side Bolts
Fig 3 - Create Space Behind Fender
Fig 4 - Required Parts
Fig 5 - Antenna Mount Assembly
Fig 6 - Antenna Mount Assembly - Close
Fig 7 - CB to AM/FM Converter
Fig 8 - Drill Antenna Mount to 3/8"
Fig 9 - Drilled Antenna Mount
Fig 10 - File Antenna Mount
Fig 11 - Trim Antenna Mount Cover
Fig 2 - Use Box Wrench
Fig 12 - Completed Installation
Fig 13 - Completed Installation - Close

Here's the HOW-TO on a very trick and clean CB antenna install in place of the stock one. (If I do say so myself.)

Goal: add CB antenna somewhere very low key, and also to NOT get in the way of the rear glass at all, or to catch too many trees.

Solution: Use good CB antenna in place of OEM AM/FM one, and add an AM/FM/CB splitter.

Parts list on bottom.

Installation InstructionsEdit

First, you must partially unbolt the front fender. Remove top three bolts, and loosen the two side bolts (10 mm). (Fig 1)

Box wrench required for this one bolt (10 mm). (Fig 2)

You need to get your hand, and later a ratchet, behind the fender from the top. (Fig 3)

Everything. (Fig 4)

Double female nut. (Fig 5 & 6)

The converter from AM/FM radio to CB wire plug is a key component. (Fig 7)

Drill out slowly to 3/8". I drilled about 5 times sizing up as I went to avoid damaging the OEM part. (Fig 8 & 9)

Next file down the top to create an even seat for the antenna double female nut to rest on. (Fig 10)

Trim the trim so the bolt head sticks out the bottom. (Fig 11)

Finished shot. (Fig 12 & 13)

I already have better reception than my first try and that's before tuning SWR or the radio!

Now I just gotta get the SWR tuned!

Parts ListEdit

  • Firestik: AR-1A, Match-Maker, CB/AM/FM, CB Antenna Splitter (retail $16)
  • Wilson Silver 3' antenna.
  • Double female antenna wire connector
  • 3' Jumper CB wire ($9)
  • Double female 3/8" nut for bottom of antenna (free)
  • CB wire to FM wire converter ($9)
  • will add spring soon

Unsuccessful Swivel MountEdit

Finished product! This was the unsuccessful first installation. The Firestik swivel mount broke off on the first mile of driving at 70+ mph! It bent down, I pulled over and, well, it broke in my hand. Better than on highway and losing a brand new Wilson Silver! I decided to take a different route this time and drilled out the stock bracket to accept a 3/8" bolt and just mount the CB antenna right to that. I'm going to add a spring to help ease the stress - only problem is I JUST barely clear the garage now. Check out updated pictures at bottom.

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