Java Persistence/Preface


What is this book about?Edit

This book is meant to cover Java persistence, that is, storing stuff in the Java programming language to a persistent storage medium. Specifically using the Java Persistence API (JPA) to store Java objects to relational databases, but I would like it to have a somewhat wider scope than just JPA and concentrate more on general persistence patterns and use cases, after all JPA is just the newest of many failed Java persistence standards, this book should be able to evolve beyond JPA when it is replaced by the next persistence standard. I do not want this to be just a regurgitation of the JPA Spec, nor a User Manual to using one of the JPA products, but more focused on real-world use cases of users and applications trying to make use of JPA (or other Java persistence solution) and the patterns they evolved and pitfalls they made.

Intended AudienceEdit

This book is intended to be useful for or to anyone learning to, or developing Java applications that require persisting data to a database. It is mainly intended for Java developers intending to persist Java objects through the Java Persistence API (JPA) standard to a relational database. Please don't just read this book, if you're learning or developing with JPA please contribute your experiences to this book.


This book is meant to be written in a casual manner. The goal is avoid sounding dry, overly technical or impersonal. The book should sound casual, like a co-worker explaining to you how to use something, or a fellow consultant relating their latest engagement to another. Please refrain from being overly critical of any product, ranting about bugs, or marketing your own product or services.