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JavaScript/Reserved Words

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This page contains a list of reserved words in JavaScript, which cannot be used as names of variables, functions or other objects.

Reserved words used in JavaScriptEdit

Current list of keywords used in JavaScript Version 5.1:[1]

break default for new try with
case delete function return typeof
catch do if switch var
continue else in this void
debugger finally instanceof throw while

A few other reserved words used in JavaScript represent literal values:[1]

false null true

Words reserved for JavaScript in the futureEdit

Current list as of Version 5.1:[1]

abstract[citation needed] double[citation needed] goto[citation needed] long[citation needed] short[citation needed] volatile[citation needed]
boolean[citation needed] enum implements native[citation needed] static
byte[citation needed] export import package super
char[citation needed] extends int[citation needed] private synchronized[citation needed]
class final[citation needed] interface protected throws[citation needed]
const float[citation needed] let public transient[citation needed]


  1. a b c "ECMA-262 5.1: ECMAScript Language Specification" 2011, Section 7.6.1: Reserved Words, (keywords, the two Boolean literals, the null literal, and future reserved words).
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