Japanese/Lessons/Introduction/Ii tenki desu ne/Talking about the weather

The Japanese commonly chat about the weather in idle conversation.

(<time> は) <adjective>天気 ですね。

Words such as "いい" (good), "わるい" (bad), "あつい" (hot), あたたかい (warm), "すずしい" (cool), "さむい" (cold) and "ひどい" (terrible) are commonly used to describe the weather.

いいてんきですね。 — Nice weather, isn't it?
昨日、天気が寒かったです。 — Yesterday, the weather was cold.

Grammar Patterns

When "ね" is added after "です", it translates similarly to "isn't it?", or "eh?".
A phrase that usually translates to "it is, isn't it" in this context.


Japanese English
としお:きょうはいいてんきですね。Toshio:It's nice weather today, isn't it?
きみこ:そうですね。Kimiko:It is, isn't it.