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Asking for items




When you want to ask for an item, you say 「___をください。」

In some circumstances you may have to specify the amount of the item that you want. To do this, you would say the number of items and add the suffix counter for the type of item: 「___を___ください。」

  • 「タオルを三枚ください。」 "Please give me three towels."

Please show me ___.「___を見せてください。」


If you just want to see an item, you'd say 「___を見せてください。」 (___を みせて ください).

  • 見せて means "show (it to me)"
  • You'll hear this at customs as you enter Japan, when the customs official requests to see your passport.

「パスポートを見せてください 」 (パスポート を みせて ください). Please, show me your passport.

Japanese Pronunciation English
パスポート pasupo-to passport
o object marker (note: this is the kana "wo", but it is pronounced "o". Do not confuse it with お "o")
見せて misete to show
ください kudasai please