J2ME Programming/TaoGroup Intent


Tao Group is targeting MS PocketPC, MS SmartPhone, and SymbianOS Series60 with their Intent JVM solutions. The Intent JVM supports both the CLDC and CDC within the same JVM. Tao Group originally developed Personal Java JVMs early in Java's history.

  • Intent 2.0
    • MIDP 2.0
    • CLDC 1.0/CLDC 1.1
    • WMA
    • JTWI
    • MMAPI
    • 3D Graphics
    • CDC
    • FP
    • PP
    • PBP
    • RMI

Deployed DevicesEdit


  • Voq Professional Phone
    • MIDP 2.0


  • MyDevice
    • MIDP 2.0


Tao Group's Intent JVM platform not only targets MIDP but also CDC profiles within the iTV and etc segments of the J2ME Platform.

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