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The MS WindowsMobile(SmartPhone) OS came out without a J2ME JVM at least from Microsoft. However, because of consumer and Mobile Operator demand the OEMs of the MS WindowsMobile platform started partnering with JVM vendors to provide this functionality.


In 2001 High Technology Computer gained a contract from Microsoft to design MS Smartphones based on MS's Stinger concept design. As both consumers and mobile operators demanded java functionality in form of J2ME/MIDP; HTC partnered with several JVM OEMs to bring this functionality to HTC MS powered smartphones. HTC smartphones can be found with many OEMs and Mobile Operators as evidenced by this table at XDA-developers.com("HTC Phone Models". HTC Phone Models. ).


By gathering what JVMs are being used in these devices either by HTC information or the JVM OMEs themselves one can determine the optional J2ME APIs that can be accessed. The minimum configuration seems to be MIDP 2.0/CLDC 1.0 and JTWI 1.0.

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