J2ME Programming/Esmertec Jbed



Esmertec's Jbed JVM technology is implemented on multiple areas within the J2ME Platform ecological system.


See on CPUs such as ARM, Intel StrongArm, Intel XScale, TI OMAP, and C166 and on OSes such as Nucleus, AMX, Linux, REX, RTK, OSE, and RTXC.

  • MIDP
    • Jbed 3
      • MIDP 1.0
      • CLDC 1.0
    • Jbed 4(Jcap)
      • MIDP 2.0
      • CLDC 1.0
      • JTWI support
    • Jbed Advance
      • MIDP 2.0
      • CLDC 1.1
      • JTWI support
      • 3D Graphics JSR
      • PIM JSR 75
  • IMP
    • CLDC 1.0 or CLDC 1.1
    • IMP 1.0
    • WMA


Seen on CPUs such as ARM, MIPS, SH3, SH4, PowerPC, and x86 and on OSes such as winCE, PocketPC, Linux, Qtopia, Unix, and VxWorks.

  • CDC 1.0
  • Personal Profile 1.0
  • Personal Basis Profile 1.0
  • Foundation Profile 1.0
  • RMI Optional Package 1.0
  • JDBC Optional Package 1.0

Deployed DevicesEdit


  • LGE G7100
    • User Agent declares it is MIDP 2.0; however it rejects MIDP2 Jad files
    • By using Class.forName some MIDP2 classes can be seen to be present
    • MIDP 2
    • Pre-compiles Jars when they have been downloaded, so they are not stored in standard bytecode on the device
    • This process can fail
  • LG C1200
  • LG C1500
  • LG F2100
  • LG F9100


  • Sendo M570 MIDP2


  • Siemens CL75 MIDP2
  • Siemens ST60 MIDP1


  • Philips Fisio 535 MIDP2


Esmertec Jbed lacks some fundamentals in the date implementation on HTC mobiles. Thus makes the implementation useless for most business applications. If this is due to bad hardware or Esmertec Jbed is still unknown.

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