Ithkuil is a philosophical and logical constructed language, created by John Quijada that is designed to be extremely precise, concise and clear as possible. Ithkuil is notable for its notorious difficulty, however, new versions of the language try to simplify it as much as possible while retaining the initial goal of the language.

As per 2024 Ithkuil has 4 versions released: the initial version, Ithkuil (meaning "a hypothetical representation of a language") in 2004, a simplified version called Ilaksh in 2007, a third version, Elartkha in 2011, and the current version, called Maleuthrait, or simply New Ithkuil, in 2023 (To avoid confusion, "Ithkuil" will refer to 2023 version). This book is going to be describing the 2023 version, deemed the most simple and complete of the four.

Table of contents