Isometric Pixel Art/FAQ

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Is pixel art out-dated?Edit

Technology is used to create art, but once art exists, it transcends technology. Pixel art exists as a technique, and it remains infinite in potential. Pixel art is not replaced by any other newer art forms but rather exists alongside them and offers unique stylistic properties. It also allows for distinct individual artists' styles.Well-loved video game art from the pixel art era will remain celebrated and rediscovered indefinitely.In addition, with the rise in popularity of mobile phone games, pixel art has resumed its practical status. Thriving enthusiast and hobbyist communities also exist online.

Do I have to buy a special program?Edit

By all means, NO! Do not go out and buy a program just for this Wikibook. Most Operating Systems come with a pixel-based art program and it is easy to obtain one for free if you do not have one.

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