Io Programming/Io To-Do

Must Have List for Io 1.0 (Brainstorm)Edit

This is from

  • Date rewrite to take timezone offsets into account
  • Sequence renamed to String
  • Complex numbers

Documentation additions and improvementsEdit

Security / TestingEdit

  • Security Audit
  • Security Policy
  • Safe Sandbox
  • Regression Testing


  • xml
  • postgres
  • mysql

Misc ChangesEdit

  • Unicode Support in Strings
  • Binary Modules (dynamically loading bindings)
  • Regular expression callbacks.
  • printf (style) formatting would be handy to make porting software easier.
  • HTTP server (Needs explanation)
  • Readline style input
    • Arrow up / down to see a history of lines entered

Must Have List for Io 2.0 (Brainstorm)Edit

  • JIT compilation
    • Rewrite portions of Io that can take advantage of JIT in Io