Investment Business Plan/Maintaining a “Watch List” of Stocks

4.0 Maintaining a "Watch List" of Stocks

A "Watch List" consists of a group of stocks an investor finds of interest but as yet does not own. It is certainly possible to expand the "Watch List" to include stocks owned so one can compare quality and price between owned and "under-the-microscope" or stocks to watch.

Just what information to include in a "Watch List" is up to the investor. Some suggestions as to what to include include all the fundamental SSG factors such as expected growth in sales and earnings, direction of management controls found in Section 2 of the SSG, Total Return, Relative Value, and the Upside/Downside ratio. Information gleaned from Value Line could include Operating Margins, Return on Share Equity, and Price/Book ratio. Using Value Line one can calculate PEG and the Robertson Quality Rating (RQR) value.