Investing involves using your money (or borrowed money that you control) to earn more money.

Before proceeding, make sure that you understand the concepts of Personal Finance. Topics covered here are:

Many excellent resources available on the web:

  • American Association of Individual Investors is a comprehensive on-line guide to investing, developed to assist individuals in becoming effective managers of their own assets. Find how-to articles and interactive tools to expand your investing knowledge and apply it.
  • Google Finance
  • Yahoo! Finance Resources on stocks, mutual funds, other investments
  • The Motley Fool Advice and philosophy on investing
  • Morningstar Ratings on stocks and mutual funds
  • New York Times Create a virtual portfolio that the Times will track for you
  • no longer a wiki - based investment site, it is now SigFig owned by BlackRock Investments. BlackRock is the world's largest investment management firm.
  • National Association of Investors Corporation Investment Clubs organization committed to teaching individuals how to become successful strategic long-term investors.