Invertebrate Zoology/Introduction

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Chapter 1. Introduction to Zoology

Zoology as a Science


Zoology is the branch of biology concerned with the scientific study of animals. Invertebrate Zoology deals with only a specific, although very large, part of the Animal Kingdom as we shall learn further into this Chapter. Zoology is not usually a starting course in biology, so it must be assumed that the student or user of this Guide already has some background in biology. This should be sufficient; it is not necessarily the case that Biology is followed by ofGeneral Zoology is followed by Invertebrate Zoology. However, you may find much of the material difficult to comprehend if you have not first acquired basic knowledge in General Biology. Nonetheless, our first assigned read at Wikipedia will be a review of biology and zoology as sciences:

  • Read Biology (Links need not be pursued at this time)
  • Read Zoology (Links need not be pursued at this time)
and note that other texts encompassing topics in biology are available (under development) at the Wikibooks biology bookshelf as sources of reference.