Introduction to Python Programming/Python Programming - Learning Resources

9. Python Learning Resources edit

This guide is intended to serve as a primer to learn Python programming. Only the basics of Python programming are covered in this guide. One can always use a variety of resources available on the WWW to learn Python. At the end of this guide, you will be able to write simple Python programs, open, read, append files, and other utilities. In this Python learning Resource guide, I have tried to provide as much as information possible to learn Python on your own.

  1. The official Python website provides a comprehensive learning material that you can use to learn.
  2. Learn Python
  3. Learn Python the Hard Way
  4. Tutorialspoint on Python
  5. Google Developers material on Python
  6. The Python Guru
  7. The Python Tutor

9.1. Specific Python programming applications edit

The following books provide a good reference for delving into Python for specific applications.

  • Think Python: How to Think Like a Computer Scientist - Think Python provides acquaints you to scenarios of computer science through Python language with plenty of exercises, very less clutter. A section towards the end of every chapter is devoted to debugging. GUI and Markov analysis are also covered.
  • Python Koans - Python Koans is an interactive tutorial that employs a test driven approach towards development of code. Assertion statements are also explained.
  • Effective Python - Another book aimed at explaining specific ways of writing Pythonic code with the aim of turning an amateur into an advanced programmer.
  • Pro Python - An advanced programming guide used by intermediate experienced programmers.
  • Expert Python Programming - An advanced programming manual covering advanced concepts like decorators, method resolution, using super() and meta programming and general best practices. Later chapters detail best practices such as writing documentation, test-driven development, version control, optimization and profiling.
  • A Guide to Python’s Magic Methods - A collection of blog posts by Rafe Kettler explaining the ‘magic methods’ in Python. Magic methods are surrounded by double underscores (i.e. __init__) and can make classes and objects behave in different and magical ways.
  • Fullstack Python - A complete comprehensive manual offering advice on how to set up a web server to designing the front end, you can find everything in Fullstack Python.

9.2. How to help edit

Python is constantly evolving open source software which takes humongous amount of information from the end users to make complete sense of the information. So if you want to give back that has doled out entire programming software that is free to use and develop, feel free to reach out to the Python community here and find ways to develop the code.

The official Python website has a section called community that provides complete and exhaustive methods that an individual can contribute towards the constantly evolving Python community.