Introduction to Physical Science


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

  • 2.1   What are properties?
  • 2.2   Density
  • 2.3   (Experiment) Density of a Solid
  • 2.4   (Experiment) Density of a Liquid
  • 2.5   (Experiment) Density of a Gas
  • 2.6   Solubility
  • 2.7   (Experiment) Solubility of a Solid
  • 2.8   (Experiment) Solubility of a Gas
  • 2.9   (Experiment) Melting Point
  • 2.10   (Experiment) Boiling Point


  • A.0   Formula
  • A.1   Practice Problems Set 1
  • A.2   Practice Problems Set 2
  • A.3   Practice Problems Set 3

Suggested Re-Structure

Chapter 1: Experimentation

Chapter 2: Measurement

Chapter 3: Matter

Chapter 4: Energy

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