Introduction to Philosophy/Authors

Kurt Kawohl



EuropracBHIT has loved philosophy ever since she realised that it is a matter of 'thinking things over carefully', and has been around it in one form or another since. She is especially interested in the Existentialists, and has contributed to that part of the book. She also knows something about Utilitarianism and Pragmatism.

publunch might make some contributions to the logic part, and maybe to the philosophy of mind part as well. But I don't think I'll achieve much without your help and encouragement.


poetreason is currently a student of philosophy, has made contributions to the Metaphysics section (particularly the section on person hood), and intends to continue contributing.

Destrogal: I am trying to put some order behind this project by expanding the ease of joining in on it. That is, making it simple for users to be able to write chapters. I am also contributing to chapters. See: Origins of Philosophy

EatAlbertaBeef: I see every stub and blank page as an opportunity, I hope to jump start this project. Expect to see my first contributions on Communism and political philosophy, afterwhich I will branch out. (I also plan to use information I wrote for wikipedia)