Introduction to Information Literacy in the K12 Classroom/Forward

Introduction to Information Literacy in the K12 Classroom/Table of Contents



The development of this book is part of an education course, ITEC521 Information Literacy in the Digital Age, at the University of Mary Washington College of Graduate and Professional Studies in Fredericksburg, VA. The book's primary Contributors are graduate students and preservice teachers.

The goal of this project is two fold;

  • to create a student-authored textbook that highlights important concepts as they relate to information literacy in the digital age that can be utilized by K12 teachers around the world, and

  • to empower each teacher author with knowledge of digital literacy, effective communication, collaborative participation, and the idea that technology is an effective tool as it relates to each of these skills that can be transfered into their classroom.

Please take time to explore this book and let us know what you think. The Discussion tab on each page or the Talk tab are two locations within our book that you can leave comments, suggestions, or information pertaining to particular authors, content, or pages themselves. We look forward to your participation and feedback.

Each chapter of this book was researched and written by one to two students and edited by the entire class. Each section has media added to enhance the content and meaning on each page. The supplemental section for each chapter will provide any worksheets or additional information that was deemed important for that particular chapter.

Thank you for taking a look at our book we hope you find it useful and meaningful.