Introduction to Art/Painting II

Medium in painting is very important, as each one will act very different from each other. The focus of this page is based on watercolours. Of course clean up and tinting can be done with water not thinner, as with oils. The base or binder is called gum arabic and mixes with the pigment to create watercolour. It can be used from a dry cake with water or from small tubes. If mixed with a lot of water it can become very light and make a sort of stain on the paper. It can also be used thicker and will sit more on top of the paper with a flatter look that does not let the paper show through, more like a gouache or acrylic look. Because of this versatility watercolour can have many different looks or styles, though it is difficult to cover with layers like oils or acrylics. We are creating an art site to educate the public in many areas of the arts, from art history to technique. Take a look: Impressionism

Table of Contents

  1. Colours
  2. Brushes
  3. Paper
  4. Techniques