To fight the perception that there are "no Julia jobs" (or just used in academia), here is a list of companies that are known to have hired people to use Julia ("the issue is not the jobs not existing, it's the there's no complete list that shows just how many there are"):

  • PumasAI
  • Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, Sanofi (and more pharma related)
  • Beacon Biosignals
  • JuliaHub (current name, founded in 2015 as Julia Computing Inc.)
  • and startup companies, and numerous hedge funds and trading firms[1]
    • Invenia (went out of business, though still left behind 142 Julia packages they made on GitHub[2])
    • Zipline (drone tech/medical supplies/blood delivery company[3])

Julia jobs are mostly "remote, but also San Diego, Bay Area, Boston, India, Germany, Sweden, UK."

Julia is also used e.g. for finance, and in science/academia, at NASA, and the Brazilian National Institute for Space Research (INPE) used Julia relating to the launch of Brazil's Amazonia-1 Satellite, CERN (for the Large Hadron Collider), the Federal Reserve Bank (of New York), FAA, BlackRock AI Labs,[4] State Street, Los Alamos National Laboratory, The Brazilian National Bank for Economic and Social Development, RIKEN (at their Center for Biosystems Dynamics Research, for RNA sequencing), Google Research,[5] and AstraZeneca.

Some companies that have placed job ads for people with Julia experience (or Julia is one of languages mentioned):

  • The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Center for Quantum Computing (some jobs only mention Julia[6] other "Julia (preferred) or Python"[7]), Amazon Dev Center U.S., Inc, Services LLC (Applied Scientist, Optimization), Amazon Web Services, Inc. (Applied Scientist, Sales Insights, Analytics & Data Science) and Amazon Web Services Singapore (Principal Architect – Data and Analytics)
  • AMD
  • Argonne National Laboratory (Energy Systems Scientist at Center for Energy, Environmental, and Economic Systems Analysis (CEEESA))
  • ASML, Netherlands (many positions mentioning Julia, such as Machine Learning Mathematics Engineer and Senior Image Processing and Machine Learning Design Engineer)
  • U.S. Department of Defense (DOD)
  • Howard Hughes Medical Institute (i.e. HHMI Janelia Research Campus[8])
  • J.P. Morgan AI Research
  • MIT (e.g. for CliMA, built with Julia, and used in many departments e.g. JuliaLab/Comp Sci & Artificial Intelligence Lab) and other universities, e.g. Princeton (Postdoctoral Research Associate), University of Florida (Research Assistant Scientist to support research in the Algebraic Julia ecosystem at The Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering; also Assistant Professor - AI at The Marketing Department in the Warrington College of Business at the University of Florida) and University of Pennsylvania (Research Specialist D (Department of Radiology)), University of Maryland (Assistant Research Professor or Assistant Research Scientist; familiarity with the Julia preferred)
  • Microsoft, for a) the Datacenter Integration Services (DCIS) "Strategy and Analytics team is looking for a Principal Data Scientist to provide deep, data-driven insights into datacenter operations processes and systems that will inform strategy in key areas."[9] and b) the Microsoft Quantum program also has job ads mentioning Julia, e.g. for Applied Researcher[10]
  • NASA/JPL (Robotics Technologist, related to rover missions including for Mars)[11]
  • Play Magnus (now part of
  • Sandia National Laboratories (R&D Computer Science (Early Career) "Able to acquire and maintain a DOE Q-level security clearance")
  • Simons Foundation (Pre-Doctoral Researcher, Center for Computational Quantum Physics)
  • Tesla (Senior Imaging Scientist [..] the development of imaging algorithms [..] designing new methodologies from fundamental physics.) "Writing Python/Julia/Matlab/C++ code for digital image processing with experience in OpenCV/CUDA/OpenGL"[12]
  • The Walt Disney Company (Corporate) (Decision Scientist)

Internship job ads (for students) have included:

  • Airbus Defence and Space GmbH, München area, full time for supporting research activities in AI research and creating and contributing to Julia packages
  • NASA/JPL[13]

Many of the jobs or internships, especially related to SciML (one of) Julia's killer application (much used in e.g. pharma), have hired PhD students (or placed job ads for), such as (and some have experience in Neural ODE as the major requirement, or need prior knowledge with PINNs):

  • Merck, Pfizer, Genentech (and other pharma companies)
  • Bosch Research Center at Sunnyvale, California

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