Internet Technologies/Email security

Over time, e-mail has been one of the most used components to send messages around the world or to people around oneself. Also, e-mail has a lot of harm that can happen while in the process. There are different types of components that may occur while sending an innocent message to others. Email threats can be divided into several distinct categories: Viruses, Worms and Trojan Horses, Phishing, and also Spam. According to "IT Security," Viruses, Worms and Trojan Horses are delivered as email attachments, destructive code can devastate a host system's data, turn computers into remote control slaves known as bootnets and cause recipients to lose serious money. Trojan horse keyloggers, for example, can surreptitiously record system activities, giving unauthorized external parties access to corporate bank accounts, internal business Web sites and other private resources. Phishing attacks utilize social engineering to steal consumers' personal and financial data. Spam Although not an overt threat like a virus-infected attachment, junk email can quickly overwhelm an inbox, making it difficult or even impossible for its owner to view legitimate messages. The spam problem has gotten so bad that it is commonplace for users to abandon email accounts that are overrun with spam rather than try to fight the problem. Spam is also the delivery medium of choice for both phishers and virus attackers. As we can see, emails might be one of the top used networks, but many consequences can come from the technology.