Internet Explorer/UI interface

The UI(User interface) of Internet Explorer is similar since IE9. Here is the layout of Internet Explorer 11.

Basic UI edit

  1. This shows the address of the website. The main domain (here is shown in bold.
  2. This shows the title of the tabs.
  3. This adds a new tab.
  4. This directs the user to the Home page , which can be changed in Internet Settings.
  5. This shows the currently added favourites.
  6. This shows setting-related operations of Internet Explorer.

We'll be seeing more of this in the next sections.

about:tabs page edit

The about:tabs screen is shown by default when you click New Tab. If you do not see the about:tabs screen, make sure that the setting is not changed.

The Frequent Sites listing (which has been set to hide websites) shows the websites which you've visited most frequently. A bar shows how active you are in that site. You can delete individual tiles, and if you do so, the next active website will take over.

Below it (which is covered with a white rectangle) shows the websites that you've visited on your other Internet-connected Windows PC's. This applies to Windows 8.1 systems only and those which use a Microsoft account as your user account. Below that gives you the option to let Internet Explorer suggest sites for you. On the right gives the option to hide/show sites.

Finally, the bottom of the page shows (in order from left), the websites which you've closed in your session, the option to reopen the last session, and the option to start in Private browsing (more on that in the next sections).