International Service Learning Study Abroad Handbook

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction Ethical global citizenship and service learning. Relationships Long-term and sustainable partnerships in other countries General guidelines
  2. Respect Introduction Traveling with a group Cultural norms Appropriate Dress Alcohol and Drugs The Camera Displays of materialism and “wealth”
  3. Relationships Introduction Developing relationships Power and equity Confidentiality Sustaining relationships when you leave
  4. Service Helping vs. Service Who is it for? Short term vs. long term Giving and Receiving
  5. Resources Introduction Eco-systems Carbon footprint
  6. Identity shifts Introduction Ways that you are culturally different with regard to religion, sexuality, values and norms – how will that play itself out in another context? What might you want to think about before you go? Gender/Sexual Orientation Race Religion Culture Shock Homesickness Boredom
  7. About Where You're Going Research, Media, Communication, Technology
  8. Safety Risk Reduction, having a plan, Buddy system.
  9. Health
  10. Housing Options and Conditions
  11. PART 2: Introduction
  12. Pre-departure Basics
  13. About Where You're Going
  14. Housing