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International Postage Meter Stamp Catalog/French West Africa

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French West AfricaEdit

  • Meters were first used in 1950. French West Africa was an administrative unit encompassing the colonies of Dahomey, French Guinea, French Sudan, Ivory Coast, Mauritania, Senegal and Upper Volta. These countries gained their independence in 1959/1960, and French West Africa ceased to exist at that time. For issues after 1960 see BENIN (Dahomey), GUINEA, IVORY COAST, MALI (French Sudan), MAURITANIA, SENEGAL, and UPPER VOLTA.
  • All franks are inscribed “AFRIQUE OCCle R FRANCAISE F”. Several meters were used with the old inscriptions long after independence.

1. Satas “C” (MV), 1950.  [$20]
M# with “SC” prefix
V/F:    000F

2. Satas “D” (MV), 1950.
A. M# with “SD” prefix  [$10]
B. M# with “SDW” prefix  [$25]
V/F:    000F

3. Havas “M” (MV), 1955.  [$10]
Wide frank with double outer frame line.
M# with “SP” prefix.
Date figures tall. Hour figure between TM and frank.
A. M# with “M” prefix
B. M# with “MG” prefix
V/F:    000F

4. Satas “R” (MV).  [$25]
M# with “SR” prefix
V/F:    000F