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International Postage Meter Stamp Catalog/Curacao

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  • The first Curacao meters came into use in 1938. Curacao was a colony of the Netherlands until 1954 when it joined with other Dutch territories in the Caribbean to form the Netherlands Antilles. See NETHERLANDS ANTILLES for issues between 1954 and 2010.
  • On 10 October 2010 (10.10.10) the Netherlands Antilles dissolved with the various islands going in different political directions. Curacao and St. Maarten formed a unit that, although still attached to The Netherlands, has greater self government. Since the change stamps have appeared inscribed CURACAO alone, NIEUWE POST, and C-POST. Stamps inscribed St. Maarten alone have not been reported.
  • The stamps are grouped according to period and usage:
A – Colonial era stamps from machines in private, commercial use
B - Semi-independent era stamps from machines in private, commercial use
PO – Stamps from machines in Post Offices

Group A: Colonial era stamp generated by machines in private, commercial useEdit

A1. Francotyp “C” (MV), 1938.  [$20]

Inscribed “CURACAO” at top and “CENT” at bottom.
M# outside frank at bottom.
With S# high between TM and frank.
M#s 1, 2 and 3 only.
TM: rectangle without border at top above town name and with brickwork pattern at sides
V/F:    00(½)

Group B: Semi-independent era stamps generated by machines in private, commercial useEdit

B1.1. Pitney Bowes, model unidentified (digital)

Frank with simple frame lines at top and bottom with hash marks at right.
"POSTAGE PAID" at top, meter number with "PB 01" prefix at bottom.
Square town mark with country name at bottom.
Two columns of numbers at left of the TM.
V/F:   000.00

B1.2. Pitney Bowes, model unidentified (digital)

Very similar to Type B1.1.
"POSTAGE PAID" is right justified rather than centered.
The meter number is more compact, and "CURACAO" and the date figures are larger.
M# with "PB 00" prefix.
V/F:   000.00

B2. Neopost (digital).

Open design without outer frame lines.
"Nieuwepost logo at top right.
Horizontal 2D barcode at lower left.
M# with "NP" prefix at bottom center.
V/F:   Naf 0000.00

Group PO: Stamps generated by machines in post officesEdit

PO1. Siemens (digital), post 2010.

Small self-adhesive label with light gray underprint pattern and rounded corners.
Frank with simple outer frame line, without inner frame lines.
Inscribed "Nieuwe post" at top.
Rest of text as follows:
* date...identification number
* destination
* mail class
* weight
* postage
V/F in Netherlands Antillian Guilder:  NAf 00.00
a. With bar under "Nieuwe post" appearing to cross out country name "Nederlandes Antillen".

NOTE: This stamp was previously cataloged as Netherlands Antilles Type PO3A.

PO2. Siemens (digital), 2014.

As Type PO1 but with "Cpost" logo at top.
V/F:  NAf 00.00