Interesting social sciences/The theory of systems

The progressive development of society

  • System is a sum of elements and relationships between them.            
  • The development of system is a complication or a simplification of the system.       
  • Progress is a complication of  the system, appearance in the system of new connections and elements.      
  • Regress is a simplification  of  the system, the disappearance from system of connections and elements.   

     Thus, progress and regress  is two opposite forms of development.          

  • Cycle is a alternation of progress and regress.

        Axiom: Society develops progressively in general. This axiom is proved by the enormous sum of the facts of the progressive development of the machines, functions of thinking, appearance all of new and new groups and organizations in society, increase of the scientific knowledge, invention of new forms of social conflicts and new forms of social control, appearance of new social formations as new steps of the development of society.

The theory of the open systems       

Water tower, 1 - the pump, 2 - a tank with water, 3 - consumers of water

Ludwig von Bertalanffy has created the theory of the open systems in biology, and then Ludwig von Bertalanffy attempted to create the general systems theory, but this intention was not fulfilled to the end. Examples of the open systems are water tower, biological organism and society. The open system is the system, which has input and output, the open system exchanges with the surroundings by substance and energy and the open system supports the interior equilibrium.  For example, water tower has an input and output for water, it is supported the equilibrium of level for water in the tank of this water tower (approximately identical level of water) with help of the simplest automation without the participation of man. Organism of man supports the equilibrium in the form of a constant temperature of the body in the healthy state independent of temperature of surroundings also. The maintenance of equilibrium occurs with help of the mechanism of straight relation and feedback relation between regulator and object of control. Homeostasis is the process of maintaining the equilibrium through the process of internal regulation. Concept of homeostasis was introduced into the science by American physiologist Walter Bradford Cannon.   

In my opinion, the maintenance of equilibrium occurs with help of the mechanism of biological, technical or social control. Social control is one of the forms of regulation.   

It is possible to solve global and ecological problems only with help of the organization of global control for the development of Global World.  

The main idea of the general systems theory of Ludwig von Bertalanffy consists in the fact that similarity or, in other words, isomorphism of different systems exists in the society, technique and living nature. Therefore it is necessary to build the classification of all these systems independent from the sphere of propagation. Many scientists attempted to fulfill this task, but this task was not fulfilled to the end before today.       

Society has input and output and society supports the interior equilibrium. The nature serves as the surroundings for society. A mineral and natural resources (earth, drinking water) exist on the input into the society. A different waste products exist on the output from the society. The disruption of interior equilibrium occurs for various reasons (because of a deficiency of the resources at the input, because of an excessive increase of the population, because of a sharp change of the environment, climate, the ecological situation and the global problems). Disruption of equilibrium leads to the hunger, the revolution, the Civil War, when people kill each other for the piece of bread and disruption of equilibrium lead to wars between the states in a pursuit of disappearing resources.