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The examples of Russian parties

Boris Nemtsov.
Yegor Gaidar.
Grigory Yavlinsky.
Irina Khakamada
Andrei Sakharov

A multi-party system exists in the Russian Federation today. The president Vladimir Putin tries to obtain of reduction of number of parties in Russia by means of adoption of law about 7% a barrier. That the party could be presented in parliament, it was necessary to collect 5% of votes on the all-Russian elections earlier, and it is necessary to collect 7% of votes today. It forces of parties to unite with each other. Difficult negotiations went about merging of parties Yabloko and Union of Right Forces to one right-wing party, but this negotiations have ended without results, therefore both of these parties lost on the State Duma elections in 2008.

Grigory Yavlinsky is a leader of party “Yabloko”. Leaders of Union of Right Forces are a now deceased Boris Nemtsov and Yegor Gaidar, Irina Khakamada, Anatoly Chubais. A now deceased Yegor Gaidar and Anatoly Chubais have undertaken economic reforms in Russia – Yegor Gaidar and Anatoly Chubais have introduced the market competition and a private property on the enterprises. Yegor Gaidar was Prime Minister in 1991. Anatoly Chubais directed with process of privatization of the plants and shops. Privatization is a transition of state ownership to a private ownership. Now deceased Andrei Sakharov and Anatoly Sobchak fought for emergence in Russia of democracy, human rights and the democratic constitution. Thus, members of Union of Right Forces – Yegor Gaidar and Anatoly Chubais - have huge merits before the fatherland. When Leonid Gozman became by the leader of the party the Union of Right Forces, then this party lost authority among the majority of voters finally due to the fact that the Union of Right Forces party supports politics of West in Russia today.

The most influential parties are four parties having places in parliament in the Russian Federation today:

  • United Russia. The party leader is Dmitry Medvedev
  • Communist Party of the Russian Federation. The party leader is Gennady Zyuganov.
  • Liberal Democratic Party of Russia. The party leader is Vladimir Zhirinovsky.
  • A Just Russia. The party leader is Sergey Mironov.

The Kremlin wants to create in Russia two - party system as in the USA. Between republican party and democratic party there are no serious differences in the program in the USA. The first Kremlin ruling party of power is the United Russia. The second party of power is Just Russia which is created from merging of three parties – the left wing of Rodina, the Russian Party of Life and the Russian Pensioners' Party. Dmitry Rogozin was leader of party Rodina, Dmitry Rogozin has managed to overcome a barrier on elections and Dmitry Rogozin has managed to hold own party in the State Duma.

Party's organizations in Russia                    

The Russian parties should learn much at the American parties. Congresses of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union took place very boringly and this congresses weren't similar to military dance or to a television show at all. The general secretary Leonid Brezhnev read the report on a piece of paper the whole day, Leonid Brezhnev couldn't speak from a tribune in free style because Leonid Brezhnev could tell some nonsense because a dotage. US President Joe Biden can also say some stupidity during a public speech due to dotage. Delegates of a congress stood up on command and this delegates arranged an amicable applause to the party leader. Politburo reminded nursing home where very old and very sick people gathered. There was a lot of work for the Kremlin doctors. Yuri Andropov directed by communist party and country from a hospital bed, Yuri Andropov was attached to the device "artificial kidney" in recent months of own life. It was the result of full degeneration of communist leaders which were called later as gerontocracy (government of old people).

Modern Russian parties have learned much at the American parties already. United Russia Party tries to organize primary elections - primaries. Vladimir Zhirinovsky likes to drive about through the whole country with an obligatory performance on numerous meetings. Vladimir Zhirinovsky participates in numerous television shows very often where Vladimir Zhirinovsky sings songs even itself, participates in comic programs and political debates, Vladimir Zhirinovsky plays a role of the political clown with the purpose to draw attention to own person and own party.

United Russia Party and Liberal Democratic Party of Russia use widely the central television for advertizing of own programs and own leaders. The Communist Party of the Russian Federation places emphasis successfully on cheaper tactics "Door-to-door". The Union of Right Forces and party Yabloko count on support of more educated voters therefore representatives of these parties place emphasis on participation of own representatives in a television debate, this representatives try to convince of voters in own correctness with help of rational arguments, but not with help of military dances and a clownery.