Instructional Technology/Robert Heinich

Robert Heinich edit

Heinich’s approach to management of instruction was one of the drastic changes of the field of IT. He argued classical schooling system and management of instruction. He believed that management of instructions must be product-oriented or education engineering based overall school environment (Januszewski, 2001). In his alternative paradigm, school teachers of the classical schooling system were not accepted as decision makers for instructional methods and media utilization. He changed this view and proposed that curriculum specials, including educational technologists were assigned to determine the content and delivery of instruction. Januszewski also stated that Heinich’s paradigm for management of instruction is one of the most influential one that causes to change from the view of AV aids controlled by teachers to educational technology which became the part of curriculum development. This great paradigm shift, even though he did not stress like the same language, was a step for being a profession by establishing an expandable body of intellectual theory. Moreover, this shift was made the concept of educational technology into school systems as a sub-system. Another interesting point is for Heinich’s ideas related to management; that were based on real applications of systems theory rather than pure science.

References edit

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