Inkscape/Making a Tomato

We want to make a juicy and plump tomato. Mouthwatering to look at, we really want to bring our product to life.

A tomato.

NOTE:In some versions SHIFT + CRTL + F is replaced by CRTL + ALT + F to access the attributes of an object

  1. Using the Circle tool draw a circle on the page
  2. With the circle selected, press SHIFT + CRTL + F to go to its attributes
  3. Change the Opacity to 80%
  4. Change the colour to a nice tomato red
  5. With the circle tool again, draw an ellipse, the same width as the tomato, below the tomato, this will be our shadow
  6. With the ellipse selected, press SHIFT + CRTL + F
  7. Change the blur to 20%, you can check the results as you move the slider.
  8. To add the leaves, select the calligraphy tool and change the colour to green
  9. In the calligraphy tool, change the Thinning attribute to 0.90
  10. Scribble the leaves on, if you aren't satisfied, delete them and try again.
  11. select the main body of the tomato and press CTRL + D, this will make an exact copy of the tomato directly over the original
  12. Select this new copy and press SHIFT + CRTL + F
  13. Change the Alpha channel to 50%
  14. Change the colour to white, you should now have a hazy looking tomato
  15. select the 'haze' and press CTRL + SHIFT + C, this will change the haze from being a circle to allow you to change its shape more vigorously
  16. With the Node editing tool select the haze and using the square handles crop the haze to look like a reflection. If you want to add more square handles to the haze just double click.
  17. Sit back and admire your work

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