Information Technology and Ethics/Introduction

Introduction to PrivacyEdit

Privacy, in just layman terms, means to keep a piece of information that is special to oneself and not disclose it willingly to anyone. In terms of information technology, this means protection of personal/sensitive information that is not accessible to anyone other than the individual self. There are various types of privacy in general. But the most relevant ones for this chapter are:

  • Internet privacy - Privacy related to any activity being carried out online via internet.
  • Informational privacy - privacy specifically related to an individual or companies information.

In the upcoming sections, for this chapter, internet privacy and informational privacy and the various spheres of business and human life it affects, will be discussed. Also, in this chapter, these are the specific parts of life and business where privacy is affected, has been elaborated in detail:

Privacy Policies and Principles- Privacy Policies and Principles

Social Networking Sites- Privacy and Social Networking Sites

Internet Of Things- Privacy and The Internet of Things

Healthcare- Privacy and HealthCare

Data Protection- Privacy and Data Protection