Information Technology and Ethics/Introduction

Introduction to Privacy edit

Privacy, is assurance that the confidentiality of, and access to, certain information about an entity is protected.. In terms of information technology, this means protection of personal/sensitive information that is not accessible to anyone other than the individual self. There are various types of privacy in general. But the most relevant ones for this chapter are:

  • Internet privacy - Privacy related to any activity being carried out online via internet.
  • Informational privacy - privacy specifically related to an individual or companies information.

The content that follows is a synopsis of the subjects that will be explored in relation to privacy in information technology.

The first chapter will give an in-depth discussion of privacy rules and concepts. It will include privacy legislation and guiding principles, as well as how firms collect and use personal data, as well as consent and data retention standards.- Privacy Policies and Principles

The second chapter will focus on the influence of social networking sites on privacy. Social media has become embedded in daily life, but it also offers a variety of privacy risks. This section will look at how using social networking sites impacts privacy, including data collection, tracking, and measures to protect privacy while doing so.- Privacy and Social Networking Sites

The third chapter will concentrate on the Internet of Things (IoT) and its implications on privacy. As there are more connected electronics in our homes, workplaces, and even on our bodies, it has become increasingly difficult to maintain our privacy. This section will discuss the many privacy risks associated with IoT, as well as ways for mitigating them.- Privacy and The Internet of Things

The fourth chapter will go into privacy in healthcare. The healthcare industry deals with sensitive personal data, and privacy infractions can have major consequences. This section will discuss the importance of preserving individual patient health information as well as the legal frameworks that regulate patient privacy.- Privacy and HealthCare

The fifth chapter will go over data protection and how it affects privacy. Because of the expanding number of produced personal data, it is now critical to safeguard personal data from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. This section discusses the multiple measures and legislation in place to ensure data protection and privacy.- Privacy and Data Protection

The sixth chapter will go over finance and how it affects privacy. Due to the importance of safety and security when dealing with money, it is extremely important to maintain privacy while interacting with finances. This section discusses the important laws and statistics regarding finances and privacy.- Privacy and Finance

The seventh chapter will look at children and their relationship with privacy. As technology develops, it becomes more and more accessible to children, so keeping children and their data private has had a greater emphasis placed on it recently. This section will dive into privacy concerns, laws, and the importance of privacy for children.- Privacy and Children