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Information Technology and Ethics/IT and Healthcare

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IT and HealthcareEdit

Healthcare costs are rising there are two main causes. The use more expensive technology and the shielding of patients from true costs of medical care.IT could help improve the healthcare system,for example instead of requiring patients to fill out a health form each time they visited a doctor , we their was a way have this information readily available for immediate use.EHR or electronic health records is a summary of health information generated patient encounter in any healthcare setting. It includes medical history, immunization records , laboratory results,problems, progress notes medication and vital statics. In Healthcare doctors could use wireless services to in order to provide a means to access and update EHRs on the spot.It also allows nurses to scan bar codes on medicines and patients to ensure the right dosage.


Telemedicine employs modern technology to provide medical care to people who live in remote areas.The amount patients may have to travel would greatly decrease and would allows doctors and nurses to serve more people. Telemedecine is also used as a teaching tool,experienced medical staff can observe and instruct medical staff in another location.Telemonitoring involves remotely monitoring patients , when they are far from there medical provider.Telemonitoring devices can keep track of blood pressure,heart rate, weight , blood glucose and hemoglobin.