Information Technology and Ethics/Does IT Affect Performance In The Workplace?

Productivity is the amount of output produced per unit of input. Innovation is the most prominent reason role in the increase in productivity. It has played a key role in enabling innovation. Business try to improve their use of IT in the business process. They have realized that IT reduces the amount of input required to produce. They consolidate operations and improve performance by becoming more efficient.Businesses analyze the expected returns when choosing whether or not to implement an IT option. It is difficult to measure the it software would have on workers productivity.Employees have the option depending on their line of work they may be able to work from home.they use a variety forms of communication, which include but not limited to:E-Mail, Audio Conferencing, and Instant Messaging. Teleworkers use the internet to access computer file logs, log on to software applications, they also communicate with fellow employees, managers, customers and suppliers. Telework allows employee to be flexible and productive from wherever they are. Businesses are now trying to conserve their network capacity and improve network productivity by blocking non essential use of it assets.

Businesses should prepare guidelines and define what positions and workers are ideal for telework. These guidelines should state how and when work will be given and collected. There must be certain hours in which teleworkers must be available. Some of the advantages and disadvantages of telework for employees.

  • Teleworkers avoid long commutes and gain time for additional work
  • Minimize the need for employees to take the time off.
  • Improved work/family balance for teleworkers

Some of the disadvantages are:

  • Some people are unable to work from home.
  • Teleworkers may suffer from isolation.
  • Teleworkers must guard against working to many hours, since work is always there.