Indian Mythology/Scriptures/Epics

The two most important epics in the Indian mythology are Mahabharatha and Ramayana.

Each tells the story of one of the lord Vishnu's 24 incarnations on earth. The narration and the characters as depicted in the Ramayana portray the model code of conduct, a conduct which is free of guilt. Lord Ram is the Maryadapurusottam; the most ideal human being on earth his conduct is free of fault of any kind. Ramayana is an ideal world. Mahabharata on the other hand is a narration on the statehood and state policy. Mahabharata's is a real world full of deception, intrigue, cruelty and ambition. It is real war between Dharma (the one which could be born) and Adharma (the one which is not worth being born). The emotions are real. It is a treatise on politics and national policy.