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Immigrating to Canada/Refugee Class

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Canada admits refugees under its "Refugee and Humanitarian Resettlement Program".

There are three recognized classes of refugees:

  1. Convention Refugees Abroad Class
  2. Country of Asylum Class
  3. Source Country Class


A person falls into the Convention Refugees Abroad class where they:

  1. are a Convention Refugee
  2. live outside of Canada
  3. are seeking to resettle in Canada
  4. cannot return to country of residence/nationality
  5. cannot integrate into country of first asylum
  6. do not have another offer to resettle elsewhere

A person falls within the Country of Asylum class is a person where they:

  1. live outside country of citizenship
  2. continues to be affected by armed conflict
  3. cannot find adequate solution to the situation in a reasonable time

A person falls within the Source Country class where:

  1. reside in a designated "source country" which is the country of nationality or residency
  2. continues to be affected by armed conflict.