Illustrated Guide to the world of Spira (FFX and FFX-2)/Temples

Each temple has a distinctive Architectural style, which is not very similar to Zanarkand's. This can be easily explained for the Temples that are part of a Summoner's pilgrimage: They were all built after Zanarkand fell, by the Yevon Church.

Open TemplesEdit

  1. Besaid Temple - Valefor Aeon - No element
  2. Kilika Temple - Ifrit Aeon - Fire Element
  3. Djose Temple - Ixion Aeon - Energy Element
  4. Macalania Temple - Shiva Aeon - Ice Element
  5. Bevelle Temple - Bahamut Aeon - No element

Lost TemplesEdit

  1. Baaj Temple - Anima Aeon
  2. Remiem Temple - Magus Sisters Aeon
  3. Floating Ruins - No Aeon - only available in FFX2, very distinctive Architecture suggesting a Water Element theme.