Illustrated Guide to the world of Spira (FFX and FFX-2)/History

Calendar Notation edit

For clarity sake we will divide Spira's calendar in 2 periods: Before and After the events on first game of the series (FFX) take place, abbreviated as BG and AG respectively. Following this notation the game FFX2 takes place in year 2 AG and the Bevelle / Zanarkand war takes place in year 1,000 BG'

Spira's History edit

Around 3000 years ago edit

- Vast improvements were made in the magic civilization. - Machina was invented. - The use of machina became common through the whole of Spira.

The Machina War - 1,000 BG edit

1,000 years go Bevelle and Zanarkand started the "machina war", a war that resulted in the creation of Sin, which destroyed much of Spira, starting with Zanarkand. Several other large cities that existed before the war can only be found as ruins in FFX and FFX2. Many discussions are present in fan forums about the nature and origins of some of those

Sin's Creation - 1,000 BG edit

Zanarkands's top High Summoner Yu Yevon created Sin to protect himself and his Summoning of Dream Zanarkand from attackers from Bevelle at the end of the Machina War. Unfortunately Yu Yevon lost control of the massive beast and Sin was unleashed in Spira. Sin proceeded to utterly destroy Zanarkand, the warring troops of Bevelle and many more cities in Spira.

Lord Mi'ihen's Walk - 800 BG edit

Eight centuries prior to Yuna's Pilgrimage, Lord Mi'ihen founded a legion of warriors, known then as the Crimson Blades, to oppose the ongoing threat of Sin. After just a few short years, they amassed a large following throughout Spira. Fearing an uprising, the maesters of Yevon accused them of rebellion, and in an effort to refute their charges, Lord Mi'ihen walked the long road from present day Mi'ihen Highroad to the far city of Bevelle to stand trial. There he was able to convince the clergy that he was doing good, and Yevon brought the Crimson Blades, presently known as the Crusaders, under church control.

Omega's Exile - 700 BG edit

Once a denizen of Yevon 700 years prior to Yuna's Pilgrimage, Omega was branded a traitor by the maesters of Yevon and consequently exiled to a group of minor islands off Spira's mainland. Here in the ruins, Omega made his home and throughout the years, his hatred for Yevon grew so intense that when he died, he was transformed into a fearsome monster known as the Omega Weapon.

The 6 Calms of Spira's Spiral of Death edit

Yu Yevon's Daughter Yunalesca defeated Sin 1,000 years ago and brought some temporary peace to Spira, in what was called "The First Calm".

After Yunalesca, the title of High Summoner was bestowed on Summoners that were successful in defeating Sin. There are currently only 6 High Summoners known to have defeated Sin after the First Calm:

  • Lord Gandof defeated Sin 400 years ago (400 BG), becoming the first high summoner since Yunalesca.
  • Lord Ohalland defeated Sin 230 years ago (230 BG).
  • Lady Yocun defeated Sin approximately 100 years ago (100 BG).
  • Lord Braska, Yuna's father, defeated Sin ten years before the events of FFX took place (10 BG).
  • Lady Yuna defeated Sin during FFX (0 AG), bringing the Eternal Calm and becoming the last high summoner, and also defeated Vegnagun two years later during FFX-2 (AG 2).

Notable Figures in Spira's History edit

Quotes from the Game w/ Historical Information edit

  • Fayth
  • Maechen

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