Ict@innovation: Free your IT Business in Africa/5-Test

Test Module 5


Question 1. What is one of the key disadvantages of proprietary software?

Question 2. When you sell proprietary software, what happens to the money generated?

Question 3. Which of the following component is not necessarily available in FLOSS:

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Question 4. Doing business in a FLOSS context means what?

Question 5. Why are FLOSS business networks important?

Question 6. Which of the following is not a way of making money in FLOSS:

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Question 7. You're scheduled to meet a FLOSS business associate for working lunch and you arrive a few minutes early to find a suitable table. 30 minutes later your associate still has not arrived.

Do you

  • order your lunch and eat?
  • continue waiting and fuming that your associate isn't there?
  • tell the head waiter you're not staying and give him our card with instructions to present it to your associate to prove you were there?

Question 8. ... measures how much work was produced or completed in a certain period of time.

  • Motivation
  • Production
  • Money invested