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Module 1.6 Multimedia





Delivery method:


For instructional purpose, it is advised that trainers/lectures use the “Reflection” session to gather participants and select 1 or 2 multimedia videos for participants to watch and discuss. Alternatively, the Instructor can use the tea/coffee/lunch breaks to leave the videos running and use a projector to project the streaming on a large screen.



This module is a collection of multimedia contents freely available on the Internet or made by dedicated FOSS advocates.

The codebreakers series


Basic concept of piracy, Richard Stallman and Software Freedom, the origin of the Linux kernel, what people in the USA think of FOSS? Listen to vedio links (Valid is of 04/13/10)

Mark Shuttleworth talks about UDS, how the new teams at Canonical will work, the impact of changes to the way Ubuntu is developed. More in this YouTube vedio: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DqsYje05JLs

Live Meetings/talks on FLOSS, Education and Teaching in Internet-based environment, 2007. For selected videoconferences visit the flossccom project at (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/flosscom/talks)

Listening Comprehension

  1. Listening comprehension: Allow participants to listen to 1 video for 20-30 minutes. Participants can then submit half-one page summary of the video content
  2. Debate: Divide the class into 2-3 groups and let them debate a selected video theme.
  3. Documentary: Participants should make a documentary video exploring what people (teachers, students, business people, politicians, etc) know about and think FOSS is and how it can benefit the ICT sector of their country

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