I Ching/The 3-coin Method

The following method of divination by random casting of coins is described by Stephen Karcher in The Elements of the I Ching (1995), page 24 (published by Element Books):

To use the coin oracle, you must have three similar coins. Heads are yang and have value 3. Tails are yin and have value 2. Throw the coins six times and add up the numbers each time. For each throw record the number and kind of line it refers to (6 = transforming yin; 7 = stable yang; 8 = stable yin; 9 = transforming yang). Form your hexagram from the bottom up, then use the key to the hexagrams ... to determine its number and name.

Karcher explains (page 15) that transforming lines (or moving lines) are "hot spots that tell you where and how things are moving and suggest specific strategies to deal with them."