IWU Ed.D. Organizational Leadership Study Guide/Emotional Intelligence

Be aware that there is considerable controversy as to whether EI is a defensible concept. Dr. Ludden is presenting a paper at the Midwest Scholar's Conference challenging the role of emotion, as opposed to cognition in leadership. I am doing some lit review type of research for him and there are a number of articles that challenge EI based on the lack of empirical evidence defining the concept, the lack of empirical evidence showing that it can be measured, and, finally, the lack of empirical evidence that there is any relationship between EI and leadership success. As I progress with the research, I will add details but for now, here is a list of references:

These guys are having an ongoing debate on the subject and Antonakis' stuff pretty much sums up the issue. He doesn't pull any punches and as much as calls EI worthless and made up pop psychology!