ITTE Computing/Transition from School to HE

"It was like I had to shift the lens ……. of the way I look at teaching I mean. I've had to shift from thinking about how I taught in school to how my students are learning to teach from me here in this place, and that's what I really had to learn in the first year; well no, the first two years here, if I'm honest." Sonia – on transferring from teaching in school to training teachers in university (Murray, 2004)

The transfer from being a successful teacher in school to training prospective teachers in higher education is an exciting experience. There are some similarities to teaching pupils, but the differences in the methodology, focus, structure, philosophy, expectation and outcome in preparing students to become teachers can initially prove to be quite daunting. This Tutor Issues section aims to provide you with some information and ideas to help with the transition.

This section includes the following:

  • teaching approaches and the role of the tutor;
  • ideas for delivering high quality training;
  • the Standards for QTS;
  • an overview of the various routes into teaching.

Other sections of this website cover related issues such as:

  • the expectation that you will engage in research;
  • the assessment of trainees against the Standards.

author: Richard Bennett