ITTE Computing/Research Support

Research? Where do I start?Edit

Feeling daunted by your institution’s expectations of your research? Have you a hypothesis you are just dying to investigate but aren’t sure where to start or how to proceed? ITTE is keen to encourage quality research in the UK.

Research GuidanceEdit

Check out the research section on this website for guidance and advice written specifically for new researchers. The section on Doing Research contains helpful pointers to get you started.

Research Seminar SponsorshipEdit

Sponsorships are being offered to budding researchers wishing to attend the ITTE Research Seminar, which takes place every two years at the Møller Centre, Churchill College, Cambridge. Nine new tutors were sponsored to attend the 2008 seminar and the same number of sponsored places will be available for the February 2010 seminar. Sponsorship covers the cost of the seminar fees. Eligible tutors are those who have been in UK-based ITT, teaching ICT for three years or less at the start of the seminar. Information about how to apply will be posted here the term before the event and circulated to ITTE members.

Workshop and Research MentorshipEdit

Support to engage in research is offered in the form of a one-day workshop, early in the summer term , and subsequent partnership with a research mentor. Ten tutors attended the 2009 workshop and a similar number will be supported in 2010. The workshop and mentor service will be provided free of charge. A requirement of those participating in this scheme is that they publish an article in the ITTE newsletter or make a presentation at the Annual ITTE Conference or the ITTE Research Seminar. The target is that they publish a paper in any relevant educational journal. Joint publication with a mentor is encouraged. UK-based tutors within the first three years of their ICT ITT appointment will be given priority but those in their 4th or 5th year will be considered if there is spare capacity within the allocated budget. Further details of the next workshop will be available here and circulated to ITTE members early in 2010.

Engaged in research already?Edit

If you are engaged in research, have several publications under your belt and would be willing to help a budding researcher to develop their research/publication skills by being a mentor and, possibly, a co-researcher, then please send your CV to Margaret Danby using the link below. This isn’t a competitive situation. Having access to your CV will help us to match new researchers to a mentor with similar interests.

author: Margaret Danby