iPhoto and the Big Picture edit

It's important to understand how each iLife app fits in with the other five. After all, part of iLife's allure is that everything is tightly integrated.

iPhoto is in charge of:

  • Organizing your digital photo collection.
  • Touching up photos so that they look as nice as possible.
  • Creating slideshows for display on a computer or a DVD.
  • Outputting photos as prints or gifts.

iPhoto provides:

  • Photos for iDVD menus.
  • Slideshows for iDVD to burn to a DVD.
  • Photos for iWeb sites.
  • Photos for iMovie HD movies.
  • Photos for GarageBand podcasts.
  • Photos for iTunes to put on an iPod.

iPhoto relies on:

  • iTunes to provide background music for photo slideshows.

Contents edit

  1. The iPhoto Interface
  2. Getting Photos In
  3. Organizing Photos
  4. Fixing Photos
  5. Sharing Photos
  6. iPhoto Tricks