IB Music/Exam/SL Solo Performance

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Students have to present a solo recital of at least 15 minutes which is worth 50%. (A recital of 20 minutes is a compulsory element for Higher Level students.) This has to be recorded and the student's teacher has to be in attendance. During the course students should develop their instrumental skills towards a presentation of one or more solo recitals which seeks to display the best that the student can achieve.

  • Performances should be on a single instrument, or voice, but more than one is permissible.
  • Any instrument, voice, style or musical genre is permitted.
  • The presentation may be compiled from pieces recorded on more than one occasion.
  • No more than one piece may be included which does not feature the student as a soloist.

The Recital.

  • This part of the syllabus focuses specifically on the solo performer, therefore only one piece may be included which does not feature the student as a soloist.
  • The programme for the presentation should be suitable for the chosen instrument or voice, with attention given to the balance of styles and character, if appropriate.
  • It is not necessarily in the student’s interest to submit a presentation where the student performs on more than one instrument, or both sings and plays.


Solo performance is assessed in the first case by the teacher and is then presented for moderation.

It is marked using 4 criteria with 5 marks being awarded to each. They are as follows:

  • Overall impression
  • Technical competence
  • Style and interpretation
  • Repertoire