The IB Mathematical Studies SL curriculum consists of eight compulsory topics (for first examinations in 2006) In addition, students are required to take part in a project that requires them to take measurements or collect data, and subsequently analyse and evaluate it in a report.

Topics edit

Topic 1—Introduction to the graphic display calculator. Teaching Hours - 3

Topic 2—Number and algebra. Teaching Hours - 14

Topic 3—Sets, Logic, and Probability. Teaching Hours - 20

Topic 4—Functions. Teaching Hours - 24

Topic 5—Geometry and trigonometry. Teaching Hours - 20

Topic 6—Statistics. Teaching Hours - 24

Topic 7—Introductory differential calculus. Teaching Hours - 15

Topic 8—Financial mathematics. Teaching Hours - 10

Project Internal Assessment. Teaching Hours - 20

Total Hours - 150

Assessment edit

Mathematical Studies SL is graded through an external and internal assessment. The external assessment, worth 80% of the final mark, is composed of a Paper 1 and a Paper 2. The internal Assessment is marked by your teacher, and is worth the remaining 20% of your mark.

Paper 1 edit

Composed of 15 required short answer questions based on the entire syllabus. Weighted equally with Paper 2 (worth 40% of final mark)

Exam duration: 1 hour 30 minutes.

Paper 2 edit

Composed of 6 required extended response questions based on the whole syllabus. Accounts for 40% of the candidates final mark.

Exam Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes