IB Environmental Systems and Societies/Measuring abiotic components of the system

2.2 Measuring abiotic components of the system


2.2.1 List the significant abiotic (physical)factors of an ecosystem.

  • PH, Temperature, Light intensity, Salinity, Turbidity, Dissolved oxygen

2.2.2 Describe and evaluate methods for measuring at least three abiotic (physical) factors within an ecosystem.

  • PH - PH meter
  • Temperature - Thermometer (C degrees)
  • Dissolved oxygen - Oxygen meter (PPM)
  • Light intensity - Light meter (LUX)
  • Salinity - Salinity meter (ppt)
  • Turbidity - Secchi circle (Visibility)
  • marine—salinity, dissolved oxygen, wave action
  • freshwater—turbidity, temperature, dissolved oxygen
  • terrestrial—temperature,wind speed, particle size, slope, soil moisture, drainage, mineral content.