HyperText Markup Language/Tag List/img

Use Edit

This tag is used to declare an image in the webpage. There are two formats you are to use on the web. They are: .gif (Graphics Interchange Format) and .jpg or .jpeg (Joint Photographic Expert Group).

Example Edit

<img src="Beach.gif" alt="Beach Picture" height="300" width="200" title="Picture of the Beach"

Required attributes Edit

src Edit

This must be used by the user. It declares the path of the image, in other words the source of the image.

alt Edit

This used to be optional, now with XHTML coming into the spotlight, it is now compulsory to add this to the attributes list. All this does is add text to were the image is supposed to be when it cannot be found by the browser.

Optional attributes Edit

align Edit

Tells the browser were the image is supposed to be. The user has a choice of three values with this. They are: left, right and center.

height Edit

This tells the browser how tall the image will be on the webpage. This must not be used to control the image size.

title Edit

This declares text that is shown when the mouse is moved over the image.

width Edit

Tells the browser the width of the image. Must not be used to control the image size.

Standard attributes Edit

More info Edit

http://yourhtmlsource.com/images/fileformats.html Images and Websites on yourhtmlsource.